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This version of the course will be archived on March 15, 2023

Please note that since we launched a revised and improved version of The Sanctuary Course in May 2022, the original version of the course will be archived on March 15. You will no longer be able to access the course pages, including this one, from that date onwards. If you are currently facilitating the course, we recommend that you download and save all necessary materials.

We encourage you to explore the newest version of The Sanctuary Course on our resource portal at 

The new version was designed based on feedback and research from a study done on the original version. It includes all-new films, which feature a broader range of stories of lived experience with mental health challenges as well as diverse voices of experts and people with lived experience. Plus, there is a brand-new discussion guide complete with questions and opportunities for deeper reflection through art, poetry, prayers, and spiritual practices. Learn more.



Session 8 gives participants an opportunity to reflect on their experience in the course and discuss how their community can support mental health. This film introduces Alastair, who lives with depression. It mentions the death of a friend by suicide.

This course and films address difficult and sensitive topics, and may not be appropriate for a young audience. It is not recommended for people age 17 and younger.