Thank you for choosing The Sanctuary Course! This course was created to raise awareness and start conversations about mental health in the Church. The course combines clinical research, theological practice, and lived experience. The following eight sessions will help you reframe your views of mental health through psychological, social, and theological perspectives.

You will find recommendations for running the course in the Leader’s Guide and in Session 1; we hope these recommendations provide valuable insights as you consider how to adapt The Sanctuary Course for the context of your church or parish.

On this page, you’ll find links to download all of the necessary materials to facilitate the course. You’ll also find links to each session, where the coursebook and audiobook have been separated into individual files and the films can be streamed through Vimeo.

This course and films address difficult and sensitive topics, and may not be appropriate for a young audience. Parental guidance is advised.


On May 4, 2022, Sanctuary launched a revised and improved version of The Sanctuary Course. If you are presently facilitating the course, we advise you to continue using the original version. However, we encourage you to explore the new version of the course and consider running it in your church or community in the future. The new version includes all-new films, a revised coursebook, and a completely new discussion guide incorporating visual art, poetry, prayers, and spiritual practices. You can learn more about the new version of The Sanctuary Course here


Leader’s Guide

Guidelines and tips for group facilitators on providing a safe learning environment and encouraging gentle, honest conversations both online and in-person.


Participant’s Guide

A brief overview of the course structure to help participants understand the format for the material and group discussions.


APPENDIX A: Group Discussion Guidelines

Creating an atmosphere of safety and respect in your group.


APPENDIX B: Sanctuary Programs and Resources

A list of additional resources from Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries.


APPENDIX C: Additional Mental Health Resources

A list of additional mental health resources that may be useful for your church.