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Faith, Grief, and COVID-19: A Conversation is a four-part series that uses discussion guides and films to engage small groups in conversations about the challenges of this season. The COVID-19 pandemic has generated grief in all of our lives. This online resource is designed to help us understand grief as Christians, and to encourage us to begin to think creatively about how we can support grieving members of our communities while practicing physical distancing.

The Sanctuary Blog: where we open up important conversations about mental health and faith, exploring the discomfort of real life experiences and giving them space to breathe. Our aim is to create a platform that closes the silent space where shame and confusion have thrived and instead makes room to do the important work of thinking well about mental health, theologically.


The Sanctuary Podcast: Can mental health challenges and faith co-exist? Join Sarah Kift, a member of the Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries team, as she interviews theologians, writers, leaders, and people living with mental health challenges. If you want inspiration, insight, and resources to equip your community to be a sanctuary for all people, this is the podcast for you.