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Welcome to The Sanctuary Blog

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Welcome to The Sanctuary Blog, where we open up important conversations about mental health and faith, exploring the discomfort of real life experiences and giving them space to breathe. Our aim is to create a platform that closes the silent space where shame and confusion have thrived and instead makes room to do the important work of thinking well about mental health, theologically.

You are welcome here. 

Pull up a chair, take some deep breaths, and join us in the exploration of questions that lack easy answers, as we pursue better truths, until we find goodness and a more beautiful understanding of God in our humanity. 

Follow along and you’ll hear from pastors and leaders, mental health professionals, and people whose knowledge comes from hard won lived experience. 

We’re so glad you’re here. We hope you’ll stay a while. 

Take good care, 

The Sanctuary Team 


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