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Join a community of monthly donors passionate about supporting mental wellbeing and reducing stigma around mental health.

Are you passionate about ensuring faith communities are safe and welcoming places for all? Do you believe the Church plays a vital role in supporting mental health and wellbeing? Then we welcome you to come alongside Sanctuary as a monthly donor. Walk with us as we continue our work with the Church, starting conversations about mental health, and reducing stigma.

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In Luke 24:13-35, we read of two downcast disciples who encounter Jesus on the road to Emmaus. This picture of Jesus walking alongside his disciples amidst their grief and sorrow serves as inspiration for the Alongside Monthly Donor Club.

As an Alongside member, you’ll be journeying not only with Sanctuary, but also with the people we are impacting through our resources. 

No minimum donation is required—just a heartfelt desire to see the Church flourish as a supportive place for all. 

Alongsiders will receive sneak peeks of our exciting upcoming projects, updates, a behind-the-scenes look at the Sanctuary team, and incredible stories about how people and communities have been impacted by Sanctuary’s resources. If you’d like to be a part of that impact, consider donating monthly and become an Alongsider today.

Your support will improve access to quality mental health and faith resources, prepare communities of faith to open up conversation about mental health, reduce stigma, and help people experiencing mental health challenges to feel less alone.

Yare Vargas participated in The Sanctuary Course with a group of friends. In this video, you can hear more about her experience, and how the course opened up new conversations about mental health amongst her family and friends.

The Sanctuary Course has been used by over 220,000 people in 75 countries. Below, you can read just a few stories of how people have been impacted by the course. As an Alongsider, your donation will magnify that impact and help Sanctuary to reach even more people.
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I was drawn to The Sanctuary Course as it allowed me to explore different facets of mental health in the Christian context. Though I’ve never been shy about my struggles with anxiety, I felt somewhat alone and that I could only talk about struggles that I had overcome with my church community. What I love about this course is how open and honest it was about the existence of mental illnesses in the church. [...] It also helped to affirm the things that God has taught me through my own mental health journey, that these struggles don’t hinder faith, but can instead strengthen it.

Kezia Reinata Cahyadi
    "Your ministry is one of the first ministries that, within the Church, makes me feel understood and not like I have to hide or simplify my mental health for anyone, but I can be me and the way that God sees me, loves me, and supports me, and with language that is easily understood."
    Josue Soriano
      "This course has truly been an answer to prayer. Not only is it helping me to educate my church family on a topic very close to my heart, but it is also encouraging me to be more intentional about advocating for mental health within the larger body of Christ."
      Leslie Bissell

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        Alongsiders are a passionate group of people, committed to helping Sanctuary make space for prioritizing mental health in faith communities. Please consider joining Alongside by donating monthly. By joining, you’ll be walking alongside the Sanctuary team, people experiencing mental health challenges, and those that love and care for them. If you’re in Canada, you can sign up using the form below. If you’re in the US or UK, click the appropriate button to be re-directed, then select the monthly donation option.

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