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A Theology of Mental Health

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Thank you for following along on The Sanctuary Blog! We’re delighted to be sharing posts from a range of insightful contributors who draw from their expertise—be it personal, professional, or both.  

From time to time, we’ll interject a compilation post with articles and resources you may find helpful—or even challenging and provocative. 

Today, you’ll find links to two foundational articles for thinking well about mental health theologically. 

Click on the links below to read the full articles.


John Swinton – Small Things with Extraordinary Love

“Mental health problems are unique experiences that come to light in the lives of special individuals who are deeply loved by God and who have their own unique stories, histories, dreams and desires which may or may not require the eradication of symptoms. It is true that people’s stories may be altered by their biology, but it is not true that they should be defined by it. People’s stories can, however, be deeply altered and affected by the meanings that we ascribe to their experiences.”

Will Van Der Hart – A Brief Theology of Mental Health

“A theology of mental health sees people not as mental health problems to be fixed, but as children of God waiting to be loved.”