Deeply Rooted: A Wellbeing Resource for Leaders during Coronavirus is designed to allow you to reflect on self-care in the midst of a season that may feel overwhelming, exhausting, and isolating. There are many challenges to mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing right now. This resource will help you recognise the risk of burnout, invite you to connect with your experience, and encourage you to implement practical steps toward wellbeing.

Deeply Rooted can be read individually or used as a discussion guide with small groups. It can be completed at one time or in a series of sessions. Groups may elect to read the content in advance of (virtually) gathering in order to preserve greater time for the discussion questions; or they may read through the content together, engage with fewer questions, and then feedback on the process at a later date. Individuals may also benefit from going through this resource alone and utilising the discussion questions as prayer points or journal prompts. Please use it in whatever way is best for your context.