JUNE 25-26

Our goal is
joyful minutes of movement
To raise
To help reach
people with resources for mental health

We all know someone who lives with mental health challenges, or we may face challenges of our own. From June 25-26 we moved for mental health in support of Sanctuary Mental Health. Our goal was to move 10,000 minutes collectively and raise $100,000 to reach 1,000,000 people by 2025 with resources about mental health and faith.

Together we moved 11,712 minutes and raised $17,650.


Note: this campaign is now over but you can still participate by donating using the give button below.

  1. Create or join a team on Fundrazr.
  2. Ask your friends and family to join your team
  3. Keep track of your daily minutes of movement on June 25 and 26. Team captains will then tally up their team’s minutes each day and post them in a comment on Fundrazr.
  4. Share on social media and invite your friends and family to donate to the cause.
GOAL: $100,000
We are grateful that a generous, anonymous donor will match all donations up to $50,000—so every $1 you give = $2.


One in four people will experience a mental health challenge in their lifetime, so mental health is important for all of us. Whether we have a lived experience of our own mental health challenge or have friends and family living with mental health challenges, we’re all impacted.

Through this fundraiser, Sanctuary aims to continue equipping the Church to support mental health and wellbeing. Our resources prepare communities of faith to offer meaningful support to people living with mental health challenges. Our flagship resource, The Sanctuary Course, has had a strong global impact. To date, over 160,000 people in sixty-three countries have participated in The Sanctuary Course and The Sanctuary Course for Catholics. We have some much-needed projects in the works such as resources about suicide loss, youth, and community development, as well as translations of our resources into other languages. Your financial support will help make these current and upcoming resources available to churches everywhere.

By donating to Move for Mental Health, you'll be supporting Sanctuary's goal to reach 1,000,000 people with our resources by 2025. To learn more about that plan, click here. You’ll also help raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental health. And by engaging in physical activity, you can improve your own wellbeing. Every dollar raised will be matched by a generous anonymous donor, up to $50,000.

Last year from June 12-18, we recorded 45,548 joyful minutes of movement and raised $59,000. You can help us achieve even more this year. For inspiration, check out how the Sanctuary team moves for mental health in the photos below and  on our blog.

Let's get moving!


A picture of a pair of feet in a canoe on calm, green water
A person rock-climbing up a steep, sheer rockface
a person canoeing through lilypads in a marshy, forested area

Watch Markku’s story of living with bipolar disorder. He shares about his diagnosis and hospitalization, as well as his recovery journey, which includes various forms of self-care (including being active), reliance on community, prescriptions advised by his medical doctor, counselling and spiritual direction. He also shares his hope for those living with bipolar disorder and others living with different mental health challenges.
Some content may be sensitive; viewer discretion is advised.


1. How can I participate?

There are three ways you can participate. You can sign up as a team captain or participant here, or donate if you feel so inclined. Team captains and participants will log their minutes of joyful movement throughout the weekend, while reaching out to their networks to support them by donating.

2. When is the event?

The event takes place over a weekend, from Saturday, June 25 to Sunday, June 26. Mark your calendar!

3. How can I share this with my friends or church community?

Thank you for sharing this fundraiser! There are many ways you can do so. You can have them sign up as participants on your team by sending them this page, share about the event on social media, and encourage them to sign up for our newsletter

4. Who should be on my team?

Your team can be anyone that you want to connect with throughout the campaign. You might choose to be a team leader for your church community group, coworkers, family, friend group, or book club. 

5. Can I be on more than one team?

Yes, you can! If you are already associated with a campaign, the signup page will prompt you to ask if you really want to sign up for another. However, you can say “yes” and it’ll take you through the process again.

6. What will the funds be used for?

Sanctuary’s mission is to equip the Church to support mental health and wellbeing. Over the next three years, we want to reach 1,000,000 people around the world with our free resources. To scale our impact we need to invest in developing new resources and digital tools. The funds from Move for Mental Health will help us accomplish that and thus help even more people. To learn more about our plan, click here.

7. What kind of movement counts?

This is an event inclusive of all bodies and abilities, so we celebrate all kinds of movement—anything that makes you feel good and brings you joy. Whether it’s going for a run, swimming, practicing yoga, gardening, or walking your dog, we encourage you to move joyfully to participate in this fundraising event.

8. I love the idea of this fundraiser but I don’t want to do the physical activity. How can I participate?

We’re so glad that you want to participate! There are a number of other ways you can get involved. You can give by clicking here; share the project with your friends or church community and have a conversation about it; engage with Sanctuary’s other resources (The Sanctuary Course is a great place to start); and follow along on our social media to keep learning about mental health and faith. If you’d like to support Sanctuary’s work, you can make a donation here

9. How can I share about this event on social media?

Follow us on social media and use the hashtags #sanctuarymoves and #moveformentalhealth to share how you’re moving joyfully throughout the week. You can tag us on Instagram (@sanctuarymentalhealth), Facebook (Sanctuary Mental Health), and Twitter (@sanctuarymh)—we’d love to see how you’re participating! 

10. Do I need to be in Vancouver to participate?

Not at all! Sanctuary friends, supporters, and advocates live around the globe. In fact, our resources have been used in sixty-three countries. You’re welcome to participate from wherever you are living. You can even invite your family and friends living in different cities and countries to join your team and track joyful movement together.

11. Where can I find more resources on the topic of faith and mental health?

Please visit our online resource portal to browse our resources. Here you’ll be able to subscribe to The Sanctuary Course, an eight-week course on the subject, as well as some of our other resources. You can also check out our blog and podcast, and resources on race, faith, and mental health. We plan to continue producing resources at the intersection of these topics, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to be notified of new resources.



Sanctuary is committed to supporting people from all backgrounds, including all kinds of ability. We recognize that not everyone can participate in activities like running or cycling. This is why Move for Mental Health is meant to be an inclusive event that supports any form of movement that brings you joy. We also recognize that while exercise can improve mental health for many, it can also present a complicated relationship for others. We encourage you to participate in a way that promotes the wellbeing of your whole self: body, mind, and soul.


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Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries is a Christian non-profit that equips the Church to support mental health and wellbeing. Sanctuary envisions a future where the Church plays a vital role in supporting mental health and wellbeing in every community. We provide resources that meaningfully engage the topics of faith and mental health. Our content is developed in collaboration with theologians, psychologists, and people with lived experience of mental health challenges. These resources prepare communities of faith around the world to raise awareness, reduce stigma, support mental health, and promote mental wellbeing. You can learn more about Sanctuary here.